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E110: Lean for Community Projects with Lean Portland – Lean Global Connection 2023

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In this podcast, I share the presentation given by my peers who helped us create the Lean Portland group back in 2015. They gave this presentation at the Lean Global Connection on November 30, 2023. It is a free annual online event put on by the Lean Global Network (LGN). The event took place over a 24-hour period. All the presentations were recorded, and I encourage you to check out all the presentations on their YouTube channel.

LGN is a “consortium of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to advancing Lean Thinking and Practice throughout the world to make things better.” They are currently comprised of 30 institutes and partners across the globe with an online community of over 300,000.

In this presentation, Maria Grzanka, Dominic Stokes and Matt Horvat share their experiences setting up and participating within Lean Portland. They discuss project examples of teaching Lean to nonprofits in the Portland area, and what they learned and benefitted from those experiences.

Nonprofit organizations mentioned include: Friends of the Children, The Rebuilding Center, Free Geek, DePave and Solve Oregon.

You can watch the entire presentation (without edits) below, or go to

There were numerous presentations provided during this event, so you can check out all of them in the links below.


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