Conserve Your Energy – How Quality Practitioners Can Help Reduce Energy Costs (ASQ)

ISO 50001:2018—Energy management can help your organization create an approach to assessing its energy practices through PDCA and continuous improvement tools. While many organizations suffer from the unexamined and wasteful costs of energy consumption as part of their hidden factory, many don’t have trained staff to help assess and reduce these costs. Unfortunately, they miss

E111: Apply Lean to Nonprofit Boards with Sally Toister

Sally worked many years in the hospitality industry applying Lean Six Sigma, and she shares her experiences to improve the guest experience. She also shares an example of a project that determined the optimal reward points to get customers to agree to reduced or no housekeeping, which was good for the environment, resulting in less

E109: Applying Lean Tools to Environmental and Social Challenges – Lean Global Connection 2023

In this podcast, I share the presentation I gave virtually at the Lean Global Connection on December 1, 2023. It is a free annual online event put on by the Lean Global Network (LGN). The event took place over a 24-hour period. All the presentations were recorded, and I encourage you to check out all

Sofa manufacturer deploys Lean to reduce glue and electricity – Kaizen Institute

A company aimed to increase mattress production efficiency, eliminate component overproduction in the sofa manufacturing process, and significantly reduce workplace accidents. In addition, they were looking to  increase sustainability and business growth by implenting Lean. They focused on optimizing glue usage and electricity consumption. They reduced material waste by 2%, eliminated excess components by 95%, and

E107: Lean Methods for Sustainable Businesses – ISBF Webinar Series

In this podcast, I share a presentation that was Part 1 of a 2-part sustainability webinar series sponsored by Iowa Sustainable Business Forum and Iowa Lean Consortium (part of CIRAS). It was geared towards introducing those in sustainability roles to Lean methods, which have become some of the most popular improvement methods used in high-performing

E104: How Process Improvement Can Help Address Climate Change with David Saunders

In this episode, I speak with David Saunders, who is a retired Quality consultant and has focused his next career on using improvement tools to reduce the impact of climate change. He is a Certified Climate Change Professional (CC-P) through the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO), and volunteers with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

E102: How Massport uses Lean to Achieve Sustainable Airport Operations

In this podcast, I share a webinar held with Dr. Luciana Bardi and Darcy DeGeorge from the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport). MassPort is a state authority responsible for three airports including Logan International Airport, four maritime facilities as well as real estate in Boston. They give an overview of Massport along with the lean engineering

E098: Lean and Green Interview with The Lean Effect Podcast

In this podcast, I was interviewed by Mark Dejong on his The Lean Effect Podcast back in June 2021 (episode 34). We talked about my journey from statistician to Principal Lean consultant, and how Lean Six Sigma is beneficial for the environment, and applicable to our personal lives. We also discuss wastes we normally don’t

E079: Lessons Learned in Applying Improvement Methods to the Public Sector with John Corliss

In this podcast, I shared a presentation that I moderated at the 2020 IISE Annual Conference. I am the Sustainable Development Division President for 2020-2021. Due to the pandemic, we originally delayed the in-person conference from May to November, but ultimately had to go 100% virtual. It was originally scheduled to be in New Orleans,

E076: 2020 Excellence in Sustainable Development Award Winner – City of Fort Collins

In this podcast, I interview Pete Iengo and Jamie Gaskill from the City of Fort Collins (Colorado, USA). The City of Fort Collins in Colorado (USA) has been on a continuous improvement journey since 2010. They made great progress on their Income-Qualified Assistance Program (IQAP) to help residents pay their utility bills, and were recognized as the