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This site is focused on individuals who want to help reduce our impact on the environment using Lean and Six Sigma techniques.

You might work as a process improvement consultant (Lean, TPS, Six Sigma or continuous improvement), Chief Sustainability Officer, Facilities Engineer/Manager, Environment Safety & Health (ES&H) Engineer/Manager, Environmental Engineer or Environmental consultant. Maybe you don’t get paid to do it, you just donate your time to environmental groups and causes, and want to make them more effective. Maybe you want to change careers and get into this type of work.

Help for Lean and Six Sigma Professionals Help for Environmental Professionals

I coined the term “Earth Consultants” as a way to explain the mission. The goal is to gather and analyze data, to make the biggest reductions in environmental problems. By combining the scientific approach with personal engagement and accountability, we can educate individuals and organizations on how they can most effectively sustain their lifestyle, community, business and environment.

Regardless of the reason why you came to this site, we hope you find this website useful, and are willing to share your own personal experiences, both successes and failures, to help others.

If we can help educate friends, family, co-workers, employees, policymakers, business owners and executives to stop making decisions that are short term and narrow in focus, and instead make the best decision for long term sustainability, we can make a huge difference!

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