Are you tired of working at a process improvement job that is not rewarding, or aligned with your passion?

Do you wish you could solve problems at work to reduce your company’s environmental impact?

This site is a collection of articles, videos and presentations focused on applying Lean and Six Sigma process improvement techniques to reduce environmental impacts at work, at home and within your community.

If you already have a strong knowledge about the environment, my hope is to teach you about Lean and Six Sigma

If you already have a strong knowledge about Lean or Six Sigma, my hope is to teach you how to modify the tools you know, to solve environmental issues.

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I am an experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (process improvement), with over 18 years experience in a corporate environment. I am currently speaking at conferences and organizations about how Lean and Six Sigma can be used to reduce environmental impacts.

While in college, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, and a master’s degree in Quality Management and Productivity from the University of Iowa.

After An Inconvenient Truth movie came out, I started to realize that my background in data and process analysis could be used to help with this problem. I didn’t know much about climate change or the environment, so I decided to get more education.

I completed the SME Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate, Senior Certified Sustainability Professional online program, USZWBC Zero Waste Business Associate (ZWBA) Certificate – True, and obtained a Certificate in Sustainability from the University of Iowa. I feel like I read every article about climate change, to better understand how I could speak more intelligently about this topic. It was like drinking from a fire hose!

My wife really helped me make changes to our lifestyle to minimize our footprint. We installed solar panels on our house in Florida, switched to a hybrid vehicle (and now electric vehicle), moved to Portland, Oregon and gradually reduced our living space (now living in a mobile home).

I started to apply what I had learned at work, but I seemed to be one of only a couple people thinking about these issues and taking action. Over the years, I’ve tried to share my successes (both small and large) to whomever would listen.

Rockwell Collins

  • Wilsonville (OR)
    • Setup Green Team, Earth Day Fairs, Composting, and EV Show and Tell, Leaders in Sustainability Gold Certification, Electricity Reduction Project, Corporate Six Sigma Sustainability program established
  • Cedar Rapids (IA)
    • Electricity Reduction Project that saved $300K per year, Earth Day Fairs, Green Workplace Community of Practice
  • Melbourne (FL)
    • Led ISO-14001 improvement team, setup electricity monitoring system

I’ve spoken at major quality and process improvement conferences, like IISE, ASQ and AME, but I’ve only been able to reach a small audience of people. I’ve also gotten involved in some environmental and nonprofit organizations.

This website was setup to help get the word out about this applying Lean Six Sigma to the environment.

I feel I can use my statistical analysis skills, along with extensive Lean and process improvement methodology, to make a difference in the direction we are headed with climate change and environmental damage.


You can connect with me on LinkedIn, or read more about me on my personal website: BrionHurley.com

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Here are some more examples of projects I’ve worked on:

Earth Day Fairs at Rockwell Collins (helped setup, conducted interviews, edited video)

Solar panel installation on my home

Kinnick Stadium football game recycling initiative


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