EC 026: “Lean Six Sigma for Good” Book (Full Audio Version)

New book #2, Lessons from the Gemba Volume 1, is now available!
Download the book for Kindle or Paperback. This book is highlighting individuals who have helped nonprofits make improvements. Volume 1 is now complete with 8 chapters. Download a free chapter (audio or PDF).
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If there is a format you prefer, let me know. If you need a large order of paperback books, or want to print them locally in your country, please email me for more information.


In this podcast, I release the audio version of my new book titled “Lean Six Sigma for Good: How improvement experts can help people in need, and help improve the environment”

This book was written to motivate process improvement experts to get more involved with social and environmental issues in their community through nonprofit volunteering of your skills.

You can listen to the entire book in less than an hour. You can also buy it from Audible for under $3.

If you want to download the digital version (PDF, ePub, Mobi or web-version), visit the site at:

For paperback versions, you can order from my website at BPI (preferred) or Amazon