E110: Lean for Community Projects with Lean Portland – Lean Global Connection 2023

In this podcast, I share the presentation given by my peers who helped us create the Lean Portland group back in 2015. They gave this presentation at the Lean Global Connection on November 30, 2023. It is a free annual online event put on by the Lean Global Network (LGN). The event took place over

E087: Applying Lean to Nonprofits and Healthcare with Matt Horvat

My good friend Matt Horvat is the founder of Lean Portland, and has extensive experience in process improvement in various industries like Construction, Healthcare, Insurance and Consulting. He discusses why he set up Lean Portland, and shares his first pro bono volunteer projects with a nonprofit in Portland. We discuss: his background in Industrial Engineering

EC 030: Lean and Green and the 8 Wastes – GoGreen Portland Conference 2017

Summary In this podcast, I share a video taken at the 2017 GoGreen Conference held in Portland last October. The presentation talked about how Lean concepts can be used to address the people and planet side of sustainability. I co-presented with Matt Horvat, the founder of our nonprofit volunteering group called Lean Portland. We show

EC 029: Lean Principles within Reuse Organization Nonprofits

Summary In this podcast, I share a presentation about the employee-led improvements taking place at reuse nonprofit organizations Free Geek and The Rebuilding Center, with coaching and assistance from Lean Portland, a volunteer Benefit company of Lean consultants in Portland, Oregon. Free Geek is working on a daily management system and trying to increase the