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Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Environment

EC 001: Introduction to the Earth Consultants Podcast

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In this initial episode, I explain the purpose of the podcast, and what to expect with future episodes.

The quick summary is that this podcast will be used to educate people interested in using Lean and Six Sigma to reduce environmental impacts.

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The Earth Consultants is a podcast that I am setting up, its geared towards showing examples and training and educating people about applying Lean and Six Sigma techniques to environmental impacts. The format of the podcast is going to vary a little bit. The first thing I’m just going to do is put out some existing content that I got, and over time, I think it’s going to mature into a regular traditional podcast, where there’s interviews and maybe a regular schedule and a little bit of structure to it. But for now, what I will do is post some stuff I’ve been working on over the last couple of years or so, and really just try to share what I can about what I found and some of the projects I’ve worked on and really just get a dialog going.

I’m just trying to find people who are interested in this topic, so we can get together and figure out the best way to approach companies, organizations and other Lean and Six Sigma consultants or reach out to environmental engineers and experts and teach them Lean and Six Sigma concepts.

So a little bit about myself, I’ve been at Rockwell Collins for about 17 years so far. It’s late 2015, almost 2016. I had very little interest on the environmental side until maybe 8 years ago, and once I kind of made a connection that we have a lot of problems going on with the environment, I think it was the “The Inconvenient Truth” movie, the Al Gore movie, that really got my eyes opened up.

And so I did a lot of education on my own, just did a lot of research on the internet. I finally started to get some formal training because I realized I have a big gap there. So I took some classes at the University of Iowa, where I graduated, and really just trying to get myself more familiar with sustainability in general. As I went through, then I realized what a great tool and a compliment that Lean and Six Sigma can provide. So from there, I did projects at work and truly was just trying to absorb as much information that’s out there. There’s quite a few books available or resources, like through the EPA, but not a lot of specific case studies, so I compiled a lot of those together. There’s not a lot of experts out there, there’s a few people I’ve run across and met, but with the problems we are dealing with right now in the environment, we need a lot more people working on this.

So that’s my goal, to really try motivate and engage people and get the existing Lean and Six Sigma experts to start working on this environmental problems within their business and organization, or with their community and also educate people who are working on the environmental issues to apply the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, so they can do it more effectively and efficiently.

So thanks for downloading the podcast, and please subscribe if you haven’t. Like I said, I will be sporadic at first, but hopefully get some momentum as I get some feedback from you, and we start to figure out what this will emerge into.

I didn’t want to wait until I thought I laid out everything perfectly, I’m just going to post what I got, and we’ll go from there.

So again, thanks for your interest in this topic, and let me know how I can help serve you. Reach out to me through the website at, you can contact me there, and then from there, you can see the social media links and accounts we have. Alright, so thanks for your time!

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