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Reducing your carbon footprint is similar to any other type of business improvement. The Lean and Six Sigma skills apply directly to these initiatives, but there are some unique differences that can slow down individuals making the transition. If you are an experienced process improvement specialist, looking to work on environmental problems, you’ll find our site very useful for getting up to speed quickly on “Lean and Green”.

Below, we have a list of training classes, environmental topics, links to great resources, and excellent books

If you are an experienced in environmental issues, and would like some help using a systematic and data-driven approach to increase your chance of successfully reducing environmental “wastes”, then visit our main site at Biz-PI.com, or consider Lean and Six Sigma training through 6sigma.US (save 5% with coupon code “BPI”).

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We currently offer training on the following topics

  • Carbon Footprint (1 hour) – We teach participants how to fill out our Carbon Footprint booklet (coming soon), so they can calculate their own personal carbon footprint using their utility bills. Once they complete their own analysis and create an action plan, they will be able to work with their current employer to create a carbon footprint report and action plan for them. Good for beginners and experts!
  • Lean and the Environment Overview (1 hour) – We teach participants how you can add an environmental focus directly into your existing Lean, Six Sigma or process improvement initiative, in order to avoid confusion with your co-workers and clients. We cover some key messages to communicate, along with some specific changes to existing Lean tools. Watch video
  • Greening your Lean and Six Sigma Program – (2-8 hours) – Add the environmental wastes and “green” thinking into your existing process improvement. We will cover environmental basics and terminology such as the benefits of sustainability, carbon footprint, environmental W.A.S.T.E’s (Water, Air, Solids, Toxins, Energy) and details on what you need to know about each, Energy Go and See, Dumpster Dives, and numerous examples using lean and six sigma tools and approaches. This course is geared to existing Lean and Six Sigma experts who want to be able to effectively apply their skills to environmental issues. Watch video
  • Solving Environmental Problems with Lean Six Sigma (1-2 days) – An overview course that introduces environmental metrics, how to prioritize opportunities, problem solving process, common and customized lean and six sigma tools, and social behavior techniques needed to make permanent changes. This course is ideal for those interested in solving environmental problems in their company or community. Check upcoming dates and learn more
  • Lean Six Sigma for the Environment (4 days) – A program designed around the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training program, utilizing environmental examples to teach concepts of variation, control charts, capability, gage studies, FMEA, probability distributions, designed experiments (DOE), statistical tests, and lean tools, utilizing Minitab statistical software. This class is geared towards those currently in an environmental engineering role or ES&H engineer/manager that do not have a strong background in Lean and Six Sigma, or would like a refresher.
  • Dumpster Dive or Energy Go and See Event – Dumpster Dives (Waste Audits) take about one full day. Energy Go and See usually take 2 full days of our time, but 1 full time of your employee’s time. Training provided during event. (8 hours)

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