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Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Environment

Applying Lean and Six Sigma to Businesses and Organizations to Improve the Environment

EPA’s Lean and Environment Initiative developed a series of toolkits in 2006 that offer practical techniques and strategies to help lean, environmental, and other specialists identify and eliminate waste. These toolkits draw heavily from the experience of organizations that have pioneered integrated approaches to lean and environmental decision-making, while delivering world class performance, exerting market leadership, and achieving bottom line results.

Written for lean operational managers, environmental practitioners, and lean practitioners, the hope is that these toolkits will help organizations to identify and eliminate environmental wastes using their existing process improvement program. If they don’t have one already, these toolkits will assist with setting up a new program. It can help align your environmental management systems goals and objectives as a routine part of your lean initiatives and business decisions.

The Lean and the Environment Toolkit
Environmental Professional’s Guide to Lean and Six Sigma
Lean, Energy & Climate Toolkit
Lean and Water Toolkit
Lean and Chemicals Toolkit
Lean Manufacturing and the Environment
The Lean and Green Supply Chain

Here are some additional guides and reports that you might find useful about government agencies applying Lean and Six Sigma

Lean in Government Starter Kit
Resource Guide to Effective Utility Management and Lean
Lean and IT Toolkit
Lean in Air Permitting Guide
Lean Government Methods Guide
Lean Government Metrics Guide
Lean Government Event Scoping Guide
Lean Government Initiative – How to Replicate Lean Successes
Lean Continuous Process Improvement Training
Working Smart for Environmental Protection
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