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Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Environment

Environmental Impacts of Waste

You may already be familiar with the lean wastes (TIM WOODS), but did you know that each form of waste comes with an environmental impact.

Therefore, if you reduce waste, you are automatically reducing your impact on the environment.

7_Forms_Waste_Environmental_Impacts_EPAFrom “EPA Lean Environment Toolkit

For example, if you reduce overproduction and waiting, then there is less risk of those items and products becoming obsolete, or spoiling or corroding, which could require disposal. This also reduces the amount of raw materials needed, increases emissions.

If you reduce transportation and excessive motion, you reduce the amount of energy needed for transportation (usually fuel), along with emissions from the vehicle, and the packaging materials needed to protect it during transport. In addition, there is risk of damage and spills.

The good news is that even if you are just trying to reduce lean wastes, you will naturally help the environment!

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