Solid Waste

Solid Waste Reduction: Dumpster Dive (Waste Sort) – Use this approach to look through your trash, and quantify how much of it is actually trash (landfill), and how much could be diverted.

2015 Boeing Dumpster Dive Video

2013 Portland State Waste Audit

University of Iowa Waste Audit Video – Kinnick Stadium

University of Iowa Waste Audit Video – Dormitory

Furniture Manufacturer Dumpster Dive Simulation

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One of the biggest trends in solid waste reduction is the Zero Waste initiative. Companies and organizations are striving to divert over 90% or more of their waste from going into the landfill. Exact definitions and certifications may vary, but the concept drives the continual evaluation of


Saving Little Pieces of the Earth – How paper, aluminum, plastic, steel and glass are recycled




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