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Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Environment

Kjell Van Zoen

Kjell van Zoen is a lean business consultant focused on small manufacturers, who has recently joined Energy 350 as their SEM coach, to help businesses reduce their energy usage.

Through a combination of studying the lean principles developed by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota, and using his own manufacturing business as a living lab, Kjell gained a unique perspective on how lean works within a small (less than 50 employee) business. He also used lean to forward the company’s eco-conscious business practices, and gave over 200 local government & business leaders, and other interested parties “lean and green” tours of Plywerk.

He teaches lean at PCC, is a brand ambassador for Portland Made, and regular speaker about lean, green and local manufacturing.

Consulting Business: Van Zoen LLC

Current Employer: Energy 350

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