E113: Applying Lean Six Sigma within Nonprofits and Life Coaching with Aleshia Jordan

I had a great interview with Aleshia Jordan a few weeks ago, to discuss how she transitioned from finance to Lean and Six Sigma consulting, and how she is now taking her Master Black Belt skills and over 20 years of experience into her firm Virtualocity, LLC to help organizations, nonprofits and individuals in their personal life.

She discusses setting up a nonprofit in 2011 called Our Daughters, Inc. which is an all girls club, working to develop young ladies from ages 8-16 in St. Louis to help them write their own story, improve relationships and well-being using problem solving tools and skills.

She also set up a foundation for her late husband, Victor Jordan Sr. who passed away in 2020. She shares her grief journey in her first book, “Lifting The Veil.”

Tune in to this episode and discover:

  • Why she created a nonprofit organization and how Lean and Six Sigma tools were integrated into the work
  • Why she created Virtualocity LLC and how she helps individuals in their personal life
  • Her purpose for writing a book about the loss of her husband in 2020 and encouraging others to become authors
  • Why change management is often overlooked, but such a critical part of improvement projects
  • The challenge of companies seeing belts as external consultants rather than facilitators
  • The importance of letting teams organically develop solutions rather than prescribing them
  • Why it is critical to properly define scope on projects to mitigate risks
  • Why soft skills (like relationship building) are key complements to the technical skills and methods
  • Why influencing change is more important than just getting results

Listen to the podcast on this page, or watch the video below, or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpJkHopiqLg


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