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Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Environment

EC 010: Interview on e6s Methods Podcast about Lean Six Sigma and the Environment

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For the next podcast, I wanted to play an interview I had with Aaron and Jacob. They run the e6s Methods podcast. We recorded one back in 2015, just a year ago. That was going over Lean Six Sigma and the Environment. It ended up being two different podcasts, so I’m going to combine them together, and play that for you now.

I definitely encourage you to check out the e6s Methods podcast. You can find that at Or you can look for it on iTunes, and I think Stitcher has a link there as well. Their podcast is really good. It’s really good for learning about Lean and Six Sigma, and going over some of the tools that you might have been trained on, but maybe you haven’t had a lot of support or reinforcement of those tools, so they go through and talk on different topics and tools and give their best practices and tips from their years of experience with that. So it’s really valuable as a refresher, or if you’re learning some of the new tools. They’re considered “a source for expert training, consulting, and leadership in business performance and continuous improvement methods, like Lean and Six Sigma

I met Aaron at the Engineering Lean Six Sigma Conference in Atlanta in 2015. We were both speaking at that conference. It was put on by the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers, which is IISE. We hit it off pretty well, so he asked me to come talk on his podcast about some of the things I’ve been working on with Lean Six Sigma and the Environment.

So check out this longer podcast from the interview we had. Hope you enjoy!

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