E113: Applying Lean Six Sigma within Nonprofits and Life Coaching with Aleshia Jordan

I had a great interview with Aleshia Jordan a few weeks ago, to discuss how she transitioned from finance to Lean and Six Sigma consulting, and how she is now taking her Master Black Belt skills and over 20 years of experience into her firm Virtualocity, LLC to help organizations, nonprofits and individuals in their

E112: Applying Lean Six Sigma to Healthcare and Career Development with Sarah Tilkens

Making a real difference in your organization can be a struggle, but there is a way to leverage powerful tools and strategies to drive positive change, while also boosting your own career development. In this episode, I introduce you to Sarah Tilkens, a former biologist turned operational excellence leader, who cracked the code on impactful

E111: Apply Lean to Nonprofit Boards with Sally Toister

Sally worked many years in the hospitality industry applying Lean Six Sigma, and she shares her experiences to improve the guest experience. She also shares an example of a project that determined the optimal reward points to get customers to agree to reduced or no housekeeping, which was good for the environment, resulting in less

E108: Interview with Maria Grzanka and Reed Harrison

In this podcast, I share an interview I had with Reed Harrison, Executive Director of Mind Matters Portland, and Maria Grzanka, a process improvement expert and prolific volunteer in Portland, Oregon. Reed worked in Supply Chain management and Operations with major companies like Adidas and Columbia Sportswear, but ended up as Executive Director at Mind

E101: Applying Lean to Healthcare and Nonprofit Boards with Katie Anderson

In this interview, I talk with Katie Anderson, a leadership coach who has extensive lean experience in healthcare, and author of the award-winning Lean management book, “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.” She lived in Japan for many years, where she learned directly from John Shook‘s former manager, Isao Yoshino, and the book is a

E100: How Lean Six Sigma Professionals Can Make The World A Better Place – Orlando March 2023

I’m very excited about episode 100, it’s a great milestone in any podcaster’s journey. Thank you for listening! It has taken many years to get to this, but it’s a sustainable pace that has worked for me, and why I feel that I can get to #200 someday. In this 100th podcast, I share a

E099: Rethinking Humanitarian Aid with Andrew Parris

In this podcast, I share a video of a speech given by Andrew Parris, Process Excellence Manager at Medair. The presentation was given at the Berlin Science Week 2021 that was organised by ETH Zürich. Andrew discusses how continuous improvement and Lean can make nongovernmental organization (NGO) money go further. He also mentions there are

E098: Lean and Green Interview with The Lean Effect Podcast

In this podcast, I was interviewed by Mark Dejong on his The Lean Effect Podcast back in June 2021 (episode 34). We talked about my journey from statistician to Principal Lean consultant, and how Lean Six Sigma is beneficial for the environment, and applicable to our personal lives. We also discuss wastes we normally don’t

E092: Process Improvement in Nonprofit Daycare with Elisabeth Swan

In today’s episode, I interviewed Elisabeth Swan, who has over 30 years of process improvement experience with a great background working for consulting firms like Rath & Strong and Pivotal Resources. She has lots of experience working with nonprofits, government, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment (including work on “Saved by the Bell”), and the for-profit sector. She

E091: Process Improvement in Not-for-Profit Sectors with Tracy O’Rourke

In today’s episode, I interviewed Tracy O’Rourke, who has over 20 years of process improvement experience, working with nonprofits, government, education, military and the for-profit sector. She teaches Lean and Six Sigma at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD), is the co-host of the podcast and video series, Just-in-Time Cafe (with Elisabeth Swan), and is