Earth Belt Certificates

The following is a list of Earth Belt certificates issued:

Cert # Name Problem Summary
1508-001 Scott Vander Molen Using Seamless Flow to Build Truck Loads Problem: Every customer order was being printed and manually sorted to put all orders from the same customer together. The orders were then further manually sorted to determine which customer orders would go together on each truck. It was estimated that this was consuming a box of paper each week.

Solution: Through a brainstorming session, it was determined that the same end result could be obtained electronically with a custom Excel spreadsheet. A solution was built in 8 hours. In addition to saving a box of paper each week ($1560 per year), we are also saving $18,200 per year on toner. The time savings is 2 hours per day, which works out to just over $10,000 per year. Total annual savings is just under $30,000.

1512-001 Marcelo Pinto Dabike Reduce lead time for customer invoicing process Problem: One activity “Authorized Invoice to Providers” utilized around 32% of the lead time.

Solution: Avoiding the scanning/printing of documents will save the paper sheets and the energy used for printing and scanning. If we consider avoiding these two activities, the total environmental impacts would be using 2,600 less sheets of paper and 21.840 kJ less energy use annually. If we also consider that the sheets of paper not used are not produced, we would be saving 358.800 kJ of energy.