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Applying Lean Six Sigma to the Environment

E075: Saving the Timber – Henry Ford’s Today and Tomorrow

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In this episode, I share chapter 11 of the 1926 book, “Today and Tomorrow” by Henry Ford.

In this chapter, he discusses how they reduced their use of wood while still increasing production. He also talks about minimizing fuel usage and reducing metal scrap. He applied his improvement methods to all aspects of his business, including ways to reduce his environmental impact. His techniques formed the basis of the modern Lean improvement system.

In addition, he talks about salvaging people who might not have jobs otherwise. He also invested in the future by equipping people who had “no foreseeable future.” That included educating and training orphans and at-risk youth at The Henry Ford School for Boys. His philosophy seems to align with the Lean and Sustainability efforts we’ve discussed in this podcast.

Here is the full video of the book recording…



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